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Repo for ImageOnMap, a bukkit plugin.


ImageOnMap allows you to load a picture from the Internet to a Minecraft map.

  • Loads an image from a URL onto a map. PNG, JPEG and static GIF are supported.
  • These images will be saved on your server and reloaded at restart.
  • Big pictures will be cut automatically into several parts, to be rendered over multiple maps so they can cover whole walls! As example a 1024x1024 picture will be cut in 16 maps.
  • Your image will be centered.
  • You can put your map in an item frame, or in multiple ones at once—ImageOnMap handles the placement for you!

This plugin is a free software licenced under the CeCILL-B licence (BSD-style in French law).

Quick guide

  • Ensure that you have a free slot in your inventory, as ImageOnMap will give you a map.
  • Type /tomap URL, where URL is a link to the picture you want to render (see the section below).
  • Enjoy your picture! You can place it in an item frame to make a nice poster if you want.

Commands and Permissions

/tomap <url>

Renders an image and gives a map to the player with it.

  • This command can only be used by a player.
  • The link must be complete, do not forget that the chat limit is 240 characters.
  • You can use an URL shortener like tinyURL or bitly.
  • If you want a picture in one map, type resize after the link.
  • Permission: (or imageonmap.userender—legacy, but will be kept in the plugin).

/maps [PlayerName]

Opens a GUI to see, retrieve and manage the user's maps, can be used to see other user's maps.

  • This command can only be used by a player.
  • Opens a GUI listing all the maps in a paginated view.
  • A book is displayed too to see some usage statistics (maps created, quotas).
  • An user can retrieve a map by left-clicking it, or manage it by right-clicking.
  • Maps can be renamed (for organization), deleted (but they won't render in game anymore!), or partially retrieved (for posters maps containing more than one map).
  • Permissions: imageonmap.explore,imageonmap.list, plus imageonmap.get, imageonmap.rename and imageonmap.delete for actions into the GUI, for moderation usageimageonmap.exploreother, imageonmap.listother,imageonmap.getother,imageonmap.deleteother.

/givemap PlayerName [PlayerFrom]:<MapName>

Give to a player a map from a player map store (if not specified will take from the player map store).

  • Can be used by a command block and by server console (but you need to specify PlayerFrom) Examples:
    • /givemap Vlammar "A very cool map name" Will give the map named "A very cool map name" to the player Vlammar
    • /givemap Vlammar AmauryPi:"A very cool map name" Same as above but will use AmauryPi's map store instead of the one of the player that runs the command
  • Permission: imageonmap.give

/maptool update [PlayerName]:<MapName> <new url> [stretched|covered]

Update a specified map (the field PlayerName is optional, by default it will look in the command sender store)

  • Can be used by a command block and by server console, if so the field Playername becomes mandatory Examples:
    • /maptool update "A very cool map name" Will update the map named "A very cool map name"
    • /maptool update AmauryPi:"A very cool map name" covered Will update AmauryPi's map and set it to covered
  • Permissions: imageonmap.update, imageonmap.updateother

/maptool <new|list|get|delete|explore|update|give|rename|migrate>

Main command to manage the maps. The less used in everyday usage, too.

  • The commands names are pretty obvious.
  • /maptool new is an alias of /tomap.
  • /maptool explore is an alias of /maps.
  • /maptool give is an alias of /givemap.
  • /maptool update allow to update a specific map.
  • /maptool migrate migrates the old maps when you upgrade from IoM <= 2.7 to IoM 3.0. You HAVE TO execute this command to retrieve all maps when you do such a migration.
  • the followings commands come with an extra permission imageonmap.CMDNAMEother:
    • /maptool list|get|delete|explore|update
  • Permissions:
    • for /maptool new;
    • imageonmap.list for both /maptool list and /maptool explore;
    • imageonmap.get for /maptool get;
    • imageonmap.delete for /maptool delete;
    • imageonmap.administrative for /maptool migrate.
    • imageonmap.explore for /maptool explore;
    • imageonmap.update for /maptool update;
    • imageonmap.give for /maptool give.

About the permissions

All permissions are by default granted to everyone, with the exception of imageonmap.administrative, imageonmap.give and the ones that used the suffix other . We believe that in most cases, servers administrators want to give the availability to create images on maps to every player.
Negate a permission using a plugin manager to remove it, if you want to restrict this possibility to a set of users.

You can grant imageonmap.* to users, as this permission is a shortcut for all user permissions (excluding imageonmap.administrative , imageonmap.give and every permission with the prefix other that are intended for moderation usage).


# Plugin language. Empty: system language.
# Available: en-US (default, fallback), fr-FR, ru-RU, de-DE, zh-CN, ja-JP.

# Allows collection of anonymous statistics on plugin environment and usage
# The statistics are publicly visible here:
collect-data: true

# Images rendered on maps consume Minecraft maps ID, and there are only 32 767 of them.
# You can limit the maximum number of maps a player, or the whole server, can use with ImageOnMap.
# 0 means unlimited.
map-global-limit: 0
map-player-limit: 0

# Maximum size in pixels for an image to be. 0 is unlimited.
limit-map-size-x: 0
limit-map-size-y: 0

# Should the full image be saved when a map is rendered?
save-full-image: false


3.0 — The From-Scratch Update

The 3.0 release is a complete rewrite of the original ImageOnMap plugin, now based on QuartzLib, which adds many feature and fixes many bugs.

This new version is not compatible with the older ones, so your older maps will not be loaded. Run the /maptool migrate command (as op or in console) in order to get them back in this new version.

You will find amongst the new features:

  • New Splatter maps, making it easy to deploy and remove big posters in one click !
  • No more item tags when maps are put in item frames !
  • Internationalization support (only french and english are supported for now, contributions are welcome)
  • Map Quotas (for players and the whole server)
  • A new map Manager (based on an inventory interface), to list, rename, get and delete your maps
  • Improvements on the commands system (integrated help and autocompletion)
  • Asynchronous maps rendering (your server won't freeze anymore when rendering big maps, and you can queue multiple map renderings !)
  • UUID management (which requires to run /maptool migrate)

3.1 — The Permissions Update

  • Fixed permissions support by adding a full set of permissions for every action of the plugin.

4.0 — Subtle Comfort

This version is a bit light in content, but we have unified part of the plugin (splatter map) and we prepared upcoming changes with required zLib features. The next update should be bigger and will add more stuff : thumbnail, optimization, possibility to deploy and place item frames in creative mode, creating interactive map that can run a command if you click on a specific frame…

This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15+. Compatibility for 1.14 and below is dropped for now, but in the future we will try to bring it back. Use 4.0 pre1 for now, if you require 1.13.2 – 1.14.4 compatibility. As for the upcoming Minecraft 1.16 version, an update will add compatibility soon after its release.

  • You can now place a map on the ground or on a ceiling.
  • Languages with non-english characters now display correctly (fixed UTF-8 encoding bug).
  • Splatter maps no longer throw an exception when placed.
  • When a player place a splatter map, other players in the same area see it entirely, including the bottom-left corner.
  • Added Russian and German translations (thx to Danechek and squeezer).

4.1 — Moderation Update

4.1 — Moderation Update gives mods or admins commands to see maps for other players, to give maps, but also to update maps already placed in the world. You can also use ImageOnMap commands from the console or from command blocks, opening a whole new realm of automation around ImageOnMap (read: commands executed from skripts and data-packs should work).

We also fixed some bugs that were reported by lots of people.

This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15+.

  • Added /maptool update to change the image attached to a map.
  • Added /givemap to give a map of a specific player to another.
  • All command can now be executed for other players. As example, /maps username will allow you to see all username maps.
  • You can now use ImageOnMap commands from command blocks or from the console.
  • Commands now support map name between quotes: "A nice name to have for a map".
  • Added /maptool rename if you don't want or cannot use the GUI.
  • Size limit (in frame).
  • Bug fixes & optimizations.
    • Various optimizations.
    • Fixed AWT memory leak—can happen if you do a lot of 50x50 renders.
    • /maptool list no longer throw an exception.
    • Fixed an issue where the bottom left map don't render like it should.
    • Fixed the gui rename issue that was the cause of inventory loss.

4.1.1 — Moderation Update Too

This version fix bugs introduced with 4.1, and others fixed on QuartzLib side, as this update the QuartzLib version we use to 0.0.3.

  • Fixed update message sent even if the plugin is updated.
  • Fixed weird update message (raw JSON instead of formatted text).
  • Fixed rare inventory bugs, causing items to be duplicated or barrier blocks to be obtained.
  • Fixed possibility to get XP from the glowing effect applied on maps.
  • Fixed /maps not working on Java 15+ due to JavaScript engine being unavailable.
  • Fixed plugin not working on Minehut host due to Javascript engines being restricted.

4.1.2 — Moderation Update Three

This version fixes some small console spam bugs and improves the performance of the translations of the plugin.

Data collection

We use metrics to collect basic information about the usage of this plugin. This is 100% anonymous (you can check the source code or the network traffic), but can of course be disabled by setting collect-data to false in config.yml.