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Prism-Bukkit is a Bukkit plugin that tracks changes to a Minecraft world. These changes can be looked up, rolled back, restored, etc. There are also various anti-griefing tools.

This is a downstream fork of @viveleroi's Prism-Bukkit, with various fixes and feature additions by a few GitHub contributors and Roy Curtis.

For information on how to use GPrism, see the original Prism wiki.

Differences from upstream

Pulled in from other forks

  • 1.9, 1.9.4 and 1.10 support by @Jikoo
  • UTF-8 MySQL support by @paulmory
  • Inspect hand item and wand fixes by @Siggi88 and @Jikoo
  • Removal of NMS usage and chat component API fixes by @Jikoo
  • Item frame rollback fixes by @PhanaticD
  • -raw flag for non-JSON output by @cbarber

By Roy Curtis

  • Major changes to data storage format of items (full metadata support)
  • Fixed rollback of villager trades and riches
  • Optimized data storage of entities
  • Removed duplicate GSON dependency and included Elixr (repository down)
  • Added useSSL=false to MySQL string (due to spam from new versions)
  • Hid purge cycle messages if 0 rows affected (reduces noise)
  • More fixes to item frame tracking and rollbacks
  • Made item-rotate action rollbackable and more accurate
  • Fixed rollbacks of torches against walls and end rods broken by water
  • Updated entity events and rollbacks to handle all the new 1.11 horse subtypes (incl. llamas)
  • Fixed attribute rollbacks of killed horses
  • Fixed tracking and attribution of frost walker ice
  • Added wait messages to /pr i and /pr near
  • Added support for rabbit types
  • Attributed lingering potion deaths to players
  • Java 1.8 language level
  • POM file cleanup and improvements


Prism-Bukkit was abandoned in favor of the Sponge rewrite. This fork is not intended to be a long-term continuation of Prism; this is only for our fixes, to keep Prism-Bukkit working. We may remove features that we don't use or think should be provided by GPrism.

That said; please feel free to cherry pick commits or fork from this fork, or contribute to this fork with issues and pull requests.

Only the latest server version (1.11.2) is supported; older servers may break GPrism.

Build Server

Build Status

Building, debugging and debug logging

For instructions and screenshots on how to. . .

  • Compile this plugin from scratch
  • Build a JAR of this plugin
  • Debug this plugin on a server
  • Enable debug logging levels such as FINE and FINER

. . .please follow the linked guide on this Google document. However, for debugging, you must configure your IDE to extract (or "shade") these dependencies in any artifacts:

  • org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-jdbc:7.0.52
  • org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-juli:7.0.52
  • mkremins:fanciful:0.3.3-SNAPSHOT


As GPrism is a fork of Prism by viveleroi, GPrism is licensed the under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Please see LICENSE or this website for the full license.


Prism is a brand new world change logging and rollback tool for Bukkit servers.







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