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UltraHardcore, reloaded Build Status

C'est très la source.

Development builds available for each commit on our Jenkins server.

This plugin is available on BukkitDev.
Please note, this README reflects the last development version. Some features listed here may not be in the version published on BukkitDev.

  1. Features
    1. Teams
    2. Teleportation
    3. Scoreboards
    4. Episodes
    5. Border & wall
    6. Gameplay tweaks
    7. Death
    8. Timers
    9. Other plugins
    10. Options against lag & bugs
    11. Miscellaneous
  2. Commands & permissions
  3. Installation
  4. How to translate the plugin
    1. If you want to translate it for yourself
    2. If you want to translate it for everyone
    3. Inside the translations
  5. Metrics
  6. Thanks
    1. Translators
  7. License


For available configuration, please see directly the configuration file.

  • Manages an UHC match.
  • Cancels any regeneration by food (just like /gamerule naturalRegeneration false).

Manages teams

  • Creation/deletion of colored teams, with or without name. Spaces allowed in the names.
  • You can create a team with a random color using ? as the color.
  • Players can be added to a team, or not (solo mode supported).
  • The names of the players can be colored, according to the team, in the chat.
  • The teams can be registered in the config file, in game, or both.
  • The teams are managed through commands (to allow the use of command blocks).
  • You can set a maximum size for the teams (to be able to give players command blocks to join the teams, without manual check, as example).
  • Players can join a team using /join <teamName> or a nice chat-based GUI.
    Chat-based GUI to select a team

Automatic teleportation of the players

  • Manual teleportation spots set in the config, in game, or both.
  • Automatic set of teleportation spots following various shapes: random, grid or circular.
    All these shapes come with a minimal distance between two points, and the spots can be generated with any center, in any world (default: the sender's world, centered on the spawn of this world).
  • You can remove a spawn point, or all.
  • The teams (or players, if solo) are automatically teleported to a random teleportation spot.
  • Two teleportation modes available:
    • a “direct” one, all players are teleported in the same time;
    • a “slow” one, the teams are teleported with a delay, and the game is launched after; useful for smaller servers.
  • The players state is reset when they are teleported: inventory cleaned, max food and health, no XP, no potion effects...
  • Some players can be marked as “spectators”: they are not teleported and not counted as a player.
  • Before the teleportation:
    • players can't build in the world (except with a permission/op mode);
    • the time is frozen at noon;
    • the mobs don't spawn;
    • the players can't be damaged.
  • After the teleportation:
    • 30 seconds after, the players can be damaged; before they are invulnerable.


  • Displayed match info with a custom title
    • Shows the number of the episode and the number of alive players/teams.
    • Shows the time left in the current episode.
    • You can choose what is displayed in the scoreboard, or disable it.
  • The health of the players is displayed in the Tab list. This can be disabled.

Episodes management

  • Configurable duration of an episode.
  • A timer is displayed on the left of the player's screen.
  • The timer can be synchronized with a clock (enabled by default, avoid long episodes due to the lag) or simply decremented every second.
  • The end of an episode is broadcast in the chat to all players.
  • An episode can be shifted using /uh shift.
  • You can disable this feature.

Border manager and wall generator included

  • You can generate a wall around the map following the size of the map set in the config file, centered on the world' spawn point.
    • The generated wall is made of two blocks: one replaces the “air-like” blocks and the trees, and the other replaces solid blocks. This is useful to have a glass wall without light gaps in the caverns.
    • Illustrations:
      viewed from the surface
      in a cave
      (using the default configuration).
    • The generated wall can be either circular or squared.
  • The players are blocked inside the wall, even if the wall is broken or not generated, if WorldBorder is present (automatic configuration of the plugin).
  • The border can easily be set during the game with /uh border set <diameter>
  • To anticipate a new border size, a warning can be send to all players out of this future border with /uh border warning <futureDiameter> every 90 seconds (by default, you can change the delay in the config).
    • The time left to go inside the next border can be included in this message (/uh border warning <futureDiameter> [minutesBeforeReduction]).
      message broadcasted to the players outside
  • You can list the players outside a given border with /uh border check <diameter>; this command gives a very light info (list of players outside plus "far", "close" or "very close") because the administrator can play.

Gameplay tweaks

All these gameplay tweaks are optional — see the configuration file.

  • The golden melon is crafted using a gold block instead of eight gold nuggets.
    Craft golden melon
  • When a player die, his head is dropped (pvp-only flag available); this head can be used to craft a golden apple.
    • The craft is the same as the normal golden apple, with a head instead of an apple.
      You can use a player head or a wither head, and configure these two crafts independently.
      Craft golden Apple
    • You can configure the number of apples crafted, the type (normal or Notch apple), and if a lore is added (saying “Made from the fallen head of ThePlayer”).
      Lure of a golden apple crafted from a Wither
    • There is a way to remove the lore (because two golden apple with a different lore are not stackable), either in the config (lore not added) or using a craft:
      Craft - Lore removal
  • You can configure the number of half-hearts healed by a golden apple, enchanted golden apple, and the same for “golden heads”, independantely.
  • You can disable the enchanted golden apples.
  • The enderpearl damages can be removed.
  • The ghast tears can be replaced by gold, to make Regeneration potions uncraftable.
  • The level-II potions can be disabled.
  • The compass behavior can be changed.
    • New craft: an ingredient in the center; four iron ingots like in the vanilla compass recipe; bone, gunpowder, rotten flesh and spider eye in the corners.
      Craft for the special compass
    • The four loots in the corners can be in any configuration (semi-shapeless recipe).
    • There are three different ingredients in the center, for three levels of difficulty.
      • Simple: redstone dust (just like the vanilla compass).
      • Medium: ender pearl.
      • Hard: eye of ender.
    • If a player right-click with a compass, the compass shows the nearest player (team excluded).
    • This consumes a rotten flesh.
  • The Witch spawn can be disabled (either the natural one, or the spawn from a villagers struck by a lightning bolt).
  • The time can be frozen to any hour (eternal day/night), or not.
  • The “bad” weather (rain, thunder) can be disabled.


  • The players can be kicked (and eventually banned) after their death, with a configurable delay.
  • The killer can receive some XP (other-team-only flag available).
  • Announcements:
    • The death messages can be more visible (format can be set in the config, including color).
    • A team-death message can be sent when an entire team is dead.
    • A death sound can be played (by default, WITHER_SPAWN), or not.
    • You can send a lightning strike (only an effect, not a “real” one) when a player die, at the location of his death point.


  • You can add arbitrary countdowns in game, displayed in the scoreboard or hidden.
  • The timers are added in one time; started in another. So you can prepare all timers before the game.
  • Each timer come with a title, displayed in the scoreboard; this title can be in colors using Minecraft's color codes with & (e.g. &4 for dark red).
  • You can pause a timer, resume it after; if you freeze the entire game all timers are paused.

Integration into other plugins

  • Integration of WorldBorder, as said in the Border section.
  • Integration of SpectatorPlus for the spectators' management, if the plugin is present.
  • Dynmap integration
    • Can display the spawn points of the teams, using colored flags.
    • Can display the death points of the players.
      Dynmap illustration

Provided with options to deal with lag and other bugs

  • /uh heal <player> [half-hearts=20|±diff] to heal a player to the exact number of hearts given, or to add/remove the given number of life points. Avoid trying to find the good health effect level/duration, the id of the effect, etc.
  • /uh healall [half-hearts=20|±diff]: the same, for all players, because Bukkit does not allow the use of the @a selector out of a command block.
  • You cannot kill a player with these commands.
  • With /uh resurrect <player>, you can resurrect (and deban, if he was banned) a player killed by lag (or other bug).
  • With /uh tpback <player>, you can teleport a player back to his death location.

Miscellaneous features

  • The players can send a private message to their team
    • Use /t <message> to send such a private message.
    • Use /togglechat to lock this team-chat and use it without /t.
    • From the locked team-chat, you can use /g <message> if you want to send a message to the main (global) chat.
    • An administrator can use /togglechat <team ...> to enter into the private chat of another team.
  • You can broadcast the winner(s) of the game in the chat and launch some fireworks; either automatically, after the last death, or using /uh finish.
  • You can display hardcore hearts instead of normal ones. Hardcore hearts
  • Possible automatic respawn after a delay, to avoid the interrogation about “Can I respawn?” (the client thinks the server is in hardcore mode, and so displays an hardcore death screen).
  • ProTips can be sent automatically, at the good moment, to the players. A sound can be added (default: high-pitched NOTE_PLING)
    Currently, ProTips about the team-chat, the crafts and the startup invincibility are sent. ProTips
  • The commands can be accessed using permissions (see subsection below).
  • Autocompletion everywhere.
  • Fully translated into English, French, Portuguese and Brazilian.
  • For developers:
    • the game can be controlled through the GameManager (UHPlugin.getGameManager());
    • the teams, using the TeamManager (UHPlugin.getTeamManager());
    • the scoreboard, using the... ScoreboardManager, yes (UHPlugin.getGameManager().getScoreboardManager());
    • the wall generator, using the UHWallGenerator class;
    • the border, through the BorderManager (UHPlugin.getBorderManager());
    • the freezer, using the Freezer (...yes) (UHPlugin.getFreezer()).
  • Compatible with Bukkit 1.7.9+.
  • Lightweight (as much as possible).

Commands & permissions

Documentation available via /uh.
You can see the documentation of a command with sub-commands by executing the command without subcommand.
Example: /uh team for the documentation of the team command.

Legend: /uh command <required> [optional=default].

Game-related commands

  • /uh start : launches the game.
  • /uh start slow : launches the game slowly, in two steps, for smaller servers.
  • /uh shift : shifts an episode.
  • /uh team : manages the teams (add/remove team, add/remove a player into a team, list, reset).
  • /uh spawns : manages the spawn points (add, generate, list, dump, remove, reset).
  • /uh spec : manages the startup spectators (aka players ignored by /uh start) (add, remove, list).
  • /uh border: manages the border (current, set, warning, check)
  • /uh generatewalls : generates the walls according to the configuration.

Bugs-related commands

  • /uh heal <player> [half-hearts=20|±diff] : heals a player to the number of half-hearts provided (default 20).
  • /uh healall [half-hearts=20|±diff] : heals all players instead of only one.
  • /uh resurrect <player> : resurrects a player.
  • /uh tpback <player> [force] : safely teleports back a player to his death point.


  • /uh freeze : used to (un)freeze the entire game or some players.
  • /uh tp <team|spectators> : teleports a team or the spectators to a given location.
  • /uh finish : broadcasts the winner(s) of the game, and sends some fireworks!
  • Team-chat commands
    • /t <message> : sends a private message to the entire team of the sender.
    • /togglechat : toggles the chat between the main chat and the private team chat.
    • /togglechat <team ...> : enters the private team chat of another team.
    • /g <message> : sends a message to the main chat.
  • /uh about : prints informations about the plugin and the translations.


  • allows an user to build before the beginning of the game. Default: operator.
  • uh.teamchat.self: allows an user to send a private message to his own team. Default: everyone.
  • uh.teamchat.others: allows an user to enter into the private chat of another team. Default: operator.
  • uh.<command>: allows an user to use the command /uh <command>. Default: everyone for uh.about, operator else.

If you don't want to bother with permissions: the operators can do anything; the non-ops, nothing (except play and use the team-chat with /t, /togglechat and /g — not /togglechat <team ...>).


Download the latest version in the “releases” section and put the downloaded JAR file into the plugins/ folder of your Minecraft server.

This plugin is not compatible with Minecraft 1.7.4; Minecraft 1.7.9+ is needed.
The plugin was tested and works with both CraftBukkit and Spigot.

You can also install these plugins:

  • WorldBorder, for all border-check-related tasks;
  • SpectatorPlus, if you want to enable a spectator mode for dead players;
  • dynmap, because the plugin can display the spawn & death points on the map.

This plugin is needed for some options:

  • ProtocolLib, for the hardcore hearts, the automatic respawn and the team-selector GUI.

After the installation, I recommend you to:

  1. teleport yourself to 0,0 (in creative, /tp 0 100 0);
  2. set the world spawn point here (/setworldspawn);
  3. reload the server (for the plugin to take into account the change) (/rl);
  4. pregenerate the entire world (WorldBorder is preconfigured, just execute /wb fill);
  5. only after that, generate the wall (/uh generatewalls) (don't forget to configure the shape and the size in the config file before). Otherwise, holes will be formed in the wall when Minecraft will populate the terrain.

How to translate the plugin (or change strings) in your own language

If you want to translate it for yourself

  1. Go to the plugins/UHPlugin/i18n folder in your server directory. You have to start the server with this plugin at least one time before.
  2. Locate your language file. The name is language_COUNTRY.po.
  3. Open it, either using a simple text editor, or, if you like GUIs, with POEdit, a translation files editor.
  4. Add or update translations, save the file, reload the server.

If you update the plugin to a new version, the translation files will be replaced by the new ones, but a backup of your changes will be automatically made in the plugins/UHPlugin/i18n/backups/<version>/ folder.

If you want to translate it for everyone

We use Transifex to translate the plugin.

  1. Go to the Transifex project page of this plugin. Create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Click « Join team » on the top left of the page.
  3. Select your langage in the list.
  4. Translate.

When translated, we update the translations in the plugin as soon as possible.

You can also open a Pull-Request with a new or updated po file, if you want.

Inside the translations

While translating, you will see some special keys, like {0} or {blue}.
These values are replaced by the plugin; see below.

  • {0}, {1}, etc.: these values will be replaced with specific values by the plugin, depending on the context.
    Example: in this string:

    unfrozen: "{cst}You where unfrozen by {0}."

    you can guess that {0} will be replaced by the name of the player who unfrozen the recipient of this message.

  • {blue}, {white}, etc.: these values will be replaced with Minecraft color codes. Available colors/formatting codes:

    Color Color Color Color Color
    {black} {darkblue} {darkgreen} {darkaqua} {darkred}
    {darkpurple} {gold} {gray} {darkgray} {blue}
    {yellow} {green} {aqua} {red} {lightpurple}
    {bold} {strikethrough} {underline} {italic} {obfuscated}
    {white} {reset}
  • {ce}, {cc}, etc.: these values will be replaced by standardized colors for specific actions.

    Code Signification Color
    {ce} Error Red
    {ci} Information White
    {cs} Success Green
    {cst} Status Dark gray
    {cc} Command Gold


This plugin uses metrics, which can be found here.

To opt out of metrics you can edit the config.yml file in the PluginMetrics folder inside your plugins folder (to opt-out for all plugins), or set the metrics option to false in the UltraHardcoreReloaded configuration file (to opt-out only for this plugin).


  • This work is a fork of the KTP plugin made by @Azenet. The original project was published under GPLv3, but without any piece of code in common between this original and the current project, the license was changed to CeCILL-B.
  • Special thanks to @jonyroda97 and @Amauryroco, for many interesting suggestions.



This software is published under the CeCILL-B license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Plugin UltraHardcore (“Kill the Patrick”), augmenté. | UHC (“KTP”) plugin, improved.





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