Python scripts to generate zLib-related code
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Code generation tools

In this repository you'll find code generation tools related to zLib and Bukkit plugins development.

Plugins bootstrap generator

This script will generate a basic Bukkit plugin in the given directory. Useful if you are too lazy to create the first classes and configuration files by hand.
All the script is in a single file without any extra dependency. Python 3 is required.



or, if you don't want to download the script (but check it before!):

python3 <(curl -s

A few questions will be asked, then the plugin will be generated in the specified directory, ready to be compiled (and modified, of course).

These features are supported.

  • Creation of the pom.xml file with dependencies.
  • Creation of the plugin.yml file, with various options.
  • Creation of the main class, with static accessor to retrieve the plugin's instance everywhere.
  • Creation of listeners, pre-registered in the main class.
  • Creation of commands, registered in the plugin.yml file and in the main class, with the commands classes pre-generated.
  • Support of zLib: if enabled (you'll be asked), you'll have the dependency added in the pom.xml, and the code generated in the zLib way.
  • Creation of a .gitignore file.

These features are not supported.

  • Permissions generation in the plugin.yml file.
  • zLib configuration classes generation (see below for that).

zLib configuration class generator

This script generates a zLib Config class from a config.yml file. All the script is in a single file. Python 3 and PyYAML are required.


python3 path/to/config.yml >