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Gaia is Mozilla's Phone UX for the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project.

Boot to Gecko aims to create a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.

You can read more about B2G here:

follow us on twitter: @Boot2Gecko

join the Gaia mailing list:

and talk to us on IRC:

#gaia on

See INSTALL file in B2G repository for instructions on building and running B2G. To try out Gaia on desktop, see


Unit Tests




  1. adb
  2. FirefoxOS Device / Emulator

You need a device / emulator connected and marionette running on port 2828. For example on a device the steps would be:

  1. Make sure b2g desktop / firefox nightly are not running. Port 2828 must not be occupied
  2. Forward 2828 from your device/emulator using: adb forward tcp:2828 tcp:2828
  3. Run: make test-integration

You may also optionally specify the reporter to use when running integration tests like this: make test-integration REPORTER=XUnit