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  • CoffeeScript - unfancy JavaScript
  • handlebars.js
  • reflect.js - JavaScript parsing toolkit based on Mozilla's Parser API
  • jQuery.sheet
  • jsonlint - Check your JSON on the command-line or on a web page
  • Orderly.js
  • Tagmata
  • dql.js - GraphQL-inspired language that transpiles to vanilla SQL
  • JSHC - Haskell implementation in JavaScript
  • ngn/apl - an APL interpreter in CoffeeScript
  • contextfree.js
  • Slogo - a multi-agent programmable modeling environment for WebGL
  • Karel Online - A web version of Karel, a didactic programming language where you program a robot
  • Sylver - A lightweight math library for JavaScript. It features a flexible expression parser comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants. Powerful and easy to use.
  • Roy - small functional language that compiles to JavaScript
  • EventSource - an EventSource client for Node.js
  • Serenade.js - client side js library with views compiled using Jison
  • NDoc - JavaScript documentation generator inspired by PDoc, with some extensions
  • proto2json - Google Protocol Buffers .proto files to JSON converter
  • hobbes - Interpreter for a subset of Java
  • velocity.js - Velocity template implementation in JavaScript
  • VexTab - A language for writing guitar tablature and music notation. Converted the original hand-rolled parser to Jison, and we now have something that is smaller, faster, and easier to maintain.
  • js-sequence-diagrams - Draws simple SVG sequence diagrams from textual representation of the diagram.
  • tablequeryjs - Use textual queries to filter tables.
  • css-js - A CSS 2.1/3.0 compliant parser generated by jison.
  • cssparser.js - A parser that generates json matched with source css structure. (project page)
  • Byens Puls - Using Jison to parse custom data format and display train locations in capital region of Denmark. (project page)
  • TruthMachine - An on-line open-source Sentential Logic truth table generator, includes a Jison based parser for Sentential Logic sentences.
  • TeXZilla - A TeX-to-MathML converter generated by Jison. See also the GitHub page, this add-on sdk module and this Firefox add-on.
  • jsav-asu-import Using Jison to parse the AnimalScript algorithm visualisation language. (project page)
  • node-puppetdbquery Simple query language parser for PuppetDB.
  • Alasql - JavaScript SQL database
  • Workbooks - Spreadsheet API for the DOM
  • bitcoin-script - JavaScript implementation of Bitcoin's scripting language
  • smarty4js - a JavaScript template engine most like smarty
  • WebSQLShim - SQLite SQL parser for WebSQL shim over IndexedDB
  • FOLProof - First-Order Logic proof language
  • jKif Parser - a complete SUO-KIF to JavaScript parser and JavaScript API for querying and manipulating SUO-KIF
  • jQuery Calx - a jQuery plugin for creating formula-based calculation form
  • jisonify - A Browserify transform for Jison parsers
  • Cor - The Language of the Web
  • omnYbus - SaaS based Mobile Application Development Platform
  • dbcrawler - powerful sqldump module for mysql written in nodejs.
  • qo-sql - a simple way to query object/array with sql, it's will compile to lodash/underscore you can use it as babel-plugin or lib. different with other javascript sql lib is, as babel-plugin will compile to target code, qo-sql most like a compiler
  • SQL Blockly App - A SQL Blockly Workspace
  • HUE - Jison is used to generate the autocompleter for the Impala and Hive SQL Editors
  • language-jison - A Jison syntax highlighter for the Atom editor.
  • ecma262-jison - ECMAScript and JSX parser in js and Jison.
  • OCL.js - OCL engine in JS using Jison as parser generator.
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