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WordPress menu data structure

This document describes how WordPress menus are organized and, most importantly, stored. It's still a draft, crafted for WordPress 4.7.

Related core functions are defined in nav-menu.php.


Menus are stored as terms of the nav_menu taxonomy.

Relevant properties:

Propery name Meaning
name Menu display name
term_id Menu ID
slug Menu slug

Menu locations

Themes register their menu locations with register_nav_menu(). get_registered_nav_menus() can be used to get the list of all locations.

However, for getting any relevant data, it's better to go directly for get_nav_menu_locations() which is basically a wrapper for the 'nav_menu_locations' theme_mod. It returns an associative array where keys are location slugs and values are IDs of assigned menus.

Menu items

Each menu item is represented by a post of the nav_menu_item type. It is possible to retrieve all items for one menu via wp_get_nav_menu_items(). It returns an array of WP_Post instances with additional menu-relevant postmeta.

Individual menu items can be saved via wp_update_nav_menu_item(), where $menu_id needs to point to an existing menu and $menu_item_db_id is either an ID of the underlying nav_menu_item post or "0", which will cause a new post to be created. $menu_item_data contains the menu properties but it's an associative array with keys different than nav_menu_item postmeta.

Please note that although there's no explicit warning in the Codex, both of these functions are probably not intended for outside-core usage.

WP_Post property* $menu_item_data key Type Meaning
db_id, ID* menu-item-db-id numeric ID of the menu item (nav_menu_item post)
post_name* ? string Apparently, same as ID. Not sure if this fact is true or relevant.
post_status* menu-item-status string 'publish' or 'draft'. Draft items will not be displayed.
type menu-item-type string Type of the menu item, 'custom': custom link, 'taxonomy': taxonomy archive, 'post_type': single post, 'post_type_archive': post type archive; doesn't seem to be supported by the GUI but there are plugins that offer this.
type_label ? string Display label for the type of the item. Probably not relevant.
menu_order menu-item-position numeric Order of the menu item (relative to its parent).
menu_item_parent, post_parent* menu-item-parent-id numeric ID of the parent menu item or 0 for a root item.
object_id menu-item-object-id numeric ID of the object the menu item points to. Depends on type, 'custom': identical to db_id (and ignored by wp_update_nav_menu_item()), 'taxonomy': ID of the taxonomy term, 'post_type': ID of the post, 'post_type_archive': ignored.
object menu-item-object string Another reference to the object the menu item points to. Depends on type, 'custom': the string 'custom' (ignored by wp_update_nav_menu_item()), 'taxonomy': taxonomy slug, 'post_type': post type slug, 'post_type_archive': post type slug.
url menu-item-url string URL to the menu item target. For custom links, it's the actual link, for taxonomy it's the link to the archive, for post it's a link to the post. Non-custom URLs are ignored by wp_update_nav_menu_item()
title, post_title* menu-item-title string Title (display label) of the menu item.
target menu-item-target string The target attribute of the rendered link. WordPress GUI supports '_blank' or ''.
attr_title, post_excerpt* menu-item-attr-title string The title attribute of the rendered link.
classes menu-item-classes array CSS classes for the menu item.
xfn menu-item-xfn string The XHTML Friends Network definition.
post_content* menu-item-description string Custom description of the menu item.

Properties marked with an asterisk represent post fields, the rest is postmeta.

I suggest not to rely only on the post fields. Further research of wp_setup_nav_menu_item() indicates that under some circumstances the menu items might be term objects instead of posts.

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