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miscellaneous scripts
Python Shell Perl Ruby Go
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README added file2db script
autosshes add simple autossh scripts
bu add bu
conn-check improved readme
days-until add days-until
doevery varios fixes
domain-lookup.go varios fixes
dotty added dotty
drop minor added script (official) - might as well put it here
email added a few more misc scripts
fai added some stuff
file2db added file2db script
git-hub add git-hub script
http-heads varios fixes
http-ping rewrite of http-ping to use net/http
http-server minor
inter added some stuff
irc minor fix
lein added some scripts
links-from minor fixes
linky add a simple tool to manage symlinks
mail-it renamed files and added mail-it
monitor-port minor fixes
netcat-proxy added netcat-proxy script added postgressql tune
pproc added conn-check
random-mac added random-mac
random-port added random-port script and vol-osd
shmcalc added calc-sharedmem
spotify varios fixes
spotify_cmd.exe added a few more misc scripts added a few more misc scripts added some scripts
stomp-punter rewrite of http-ping to use net/http
stomp-test.rb added file2db script
strace-files output strace output of command (todo)
swaptop added swaptop
tardir added tardir
test-port-open added test-port-open
test-stickyness added script to test session stickyness
unwar copy instead of move the file to be unwarred
vol-osd added random-port script and vol-osd
xterm-colortest added xterm-colortest
z minor


Random assortment of useful, hacky scripts and code fragments.
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