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Garta is a geography application for GTK+ 3 toolkit (used by e.g. GNOME 3 desktop environment on GNU/Linux distributions) and written in Rust programming language. The focus of the application is on track analysis, route planning and destination bookmarking. Since release 0.1 Garta allows you to explore tile-based world maps. GPX loading will be implemented with release 0.2 and saving with release 0.3. More future goals and the current progress can be found in the roadmap.

Garta 0.1

Installing Garta

Currently there are no installer or installation packages provided but you can build and run Garta fairly easily on Linux.

Building and running

The application has the following minimum requirements at moment:

  • git
  • rustc 1.15
  • cargo 0.16
  • gtk 3.16

At first, you have to clone the repository. The development is done on the master branch and the releases are tagged.

git clone
cd garta

If you want to get some debug from garta internals, you can configure the env_logger. The following enables warnings in any Rust module and info messages in any Garta module, but then allows debug level messages from wanted parts.

export RUST_LOG=warn,garta=info,garta::gui=debug

The standard cargo commands can be used to run the unit tests, run the application in debug mode or even build a release. A release build performs noticeably smoother than a debug build.

cargo test
cargo run
cargo build --release && ./target/release/garta