Makes a class and its instances imutable
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Makes a class and its instances imutable


$ npm install imutable [--save]


require! \imutable

ImClass = imutable class
  (@value = 0) ->

im-obj = new ImClass 1
console.log im-obj.value # 1

im-obj.value = 2 # does nothing, or throws error in strict mode
console.log im-obj.value # 1, if not in strict mode


By default, imutable freezes the class, the prototype, as well as any new instance. So, no properties can be changed, removed or added to any of these.

There are also some advanced use cases when a property/method depends on another object. For example:

dep = value: 1
ImClass = imutable class
  -> @dep = dep
    -> @dep.value
    (v) -> @dep.value = v

im-obj = new ImClass

console.log im-obj.dep-value # 1
im-obj.dep-value = 2
console.log im-obj.dep-value # 2 !!!

So, this object is not so imutable after all. That's because Object.freeze does not remove property setters.

In this case you can use imutable \strict, which does exactly that, removes all setters.


In the above example, by creating the class like

ImClass = imutable \strict class

the line

im-obj.dep-value = 2

would have no effect (or throw an error if strict)

Another example using a depending object is when you use methods for getters and setters instead of property accessors

dep = value: 1
ImClass = imutable class
  -> @dep = dep
  set-dep-value: (v) -> @dep.value = v
  get-dep-value: -> @dep.value

im-obj = new ImClass

console.log im-obj.get-dep-value! # 1
im-obj.set-dep-value 2
console.log im-obj.get-dep-value! # 2 !!! again

Then the solution would be to make all of the children (recursively) imutable. That's what \recursive mode does


Creating the class like this

ImClass = imutable \recursive class

makes all the object's successors imutable. So calling im-obj.set-dep-value 2 would again do nothing.