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A Reddit clone using redis. Just cloning the repository and running it won't work, since you need to start a redis server first. To do that, install redis (look it up) then navigate to your cloned directory and run $ redis-server. This will start a database, but it will be empty. At the very least, you need to add a key called posts which you can initialise to an empty set.

As well as setting up the server, you'll need to create an SSL certificate, since Reddis wants to run on https, not http. To generate your certificate, go to the project directory and run:

go run generate_cert.go --host <your host; possibly localhost>

Now you can $ go run main.go to start up the server. When you connect to it in the browser, it will probably tell you the site can't be trusted, but will also give you the option to go to it anyway. Do this once, and it shouldn't ask you again.

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