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Read Online · PDF · EPUB · Donate · Repository

I recommend downloading the PDF or EPUB files, as the HTML is quite large and may bog down your browser.


See ./book/ in the repo.

The Text

The auto-generated translations were done using Google and Amazon's translation services. The Yandex and IBM Watson translations were terrible, not worth trying to use.

The ./book directory in the repo contains the contents. If you find a problem or want to help, please feel free to submit an issue.

The Code

The initial translation code is in this repo. To build the book, run ./ You will need Docker.

To release a new edition, update the introduction and create a tag along with a versioning commit. Example:

git commit --allow-empty -am v2 && \
  git tag -m v2 -a v2 && \
  git push origin master --follow-tags

TODO (v3?)

  • Redistribute to tipitika wikia
  • Compare with the Paramatthajotikā
  • Compare with Thai editions


For code in this repo, see For the output text, credits and other licenses on the source material, see the notes in the introduction file.