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Vitals is a very simple rails 3 plugin which exposes ActiveSupport::Notifications back to statsd.

If you want to quickly build a statsd stack, check out statsd-stack which is based on Sprinkle.


I needed a way of visualizing all that I can, in order to get a grasp (through statsd and Graphite queries) of the typical application baseline, or 'life line' (hence the name vitals :).

The best way at the moment was to peek into ActiveSupport::Notifications. As I've managed to do that more and more for new apps, I've decided to extract into a gem.

Getting Started

Add vitals to your Gemfile. Then, run:

$ bundle install


If you're not running statsd at the default configuration (localhost/8125), you can generate an initializer:

$ rails g vitals


$ rails g vitals --statsd-host=<YOURHOST> --port=<PORT>