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Copy or move multiple directories or files using this script.
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  • The purpose of this script is to give users the ability to copy or move directories (including subdirectories) or files (including the skipping of subdirectories) to a single destination of their choice. The user is asked 4 simple questions (2 of them being source/destination) and the script works through everything else for them.
  • This script utilizes python's built in distutils library to copy / move directories and files.

Making it Executable

For Linux users:

  1. Type the following command in terminal: $ chmod +x (assuming you have python installed to run the script).

For Windows users:

  1. Download and install Python, PyInstaller, and PyWin32 if you have not already installed it.
  2. After you downloaded and installed the previous packages, run the following command in your python terminal: python -F
  3. Running the previous command will create a single file (-F option) executable which you can place on a computer that does or even does not have python installed. This is ideal for putting the script on a flash drive so you can move directories or files on the go, involving multiple computers.


Zach Rohde
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