this a wrapper, made in python, for using the 500px api
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500px Python Magical API Client

This is the magical API client!

Soon 🌅 and 🌉 will be on your monitor!

So some quick things you NEED to know before you get started:

  1. You can either use the magical caching way of using the app with things like : zach = User(username='zachaysan') zach.friends.first().username

    Or you can go the more traditional route ( see examples/ )

  2. There are caches and generators everywhere. I haven't gotten around to making sure that the caches get cleared automatically.

  3. Usually generators will continue to yeild, regardless of the how many results come in a single page from the api. It will just keep paging until it runs out of results.

  4. There is a really hairy issue with Users due to me being dumb. Basically I should have broken up Users into AuthorizedUser and User, where the AuthorizedUser has successfully authenticated with the app.

  5. This library was written with two styles of apps in mind. First: a traditionally client app library (for example, using this to write an Ubuntu app), Second: a web server.

  6. Before you do anything you need to create helpers/ and provided 3 functions: get_consumer_key(), get_consumer_secret(), and get_verify_url(). You can see an example of how this looks at helpers/

To run test suite

  1. Ignore tests/ since most of the OAuth tests assume that you have access to the zachaysan account.
  2. python -m discover