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Easy WordPress theme development in HAML, PHP, CoffeeScript, & SASS with closure compiled JavaScript

The purpose of this project is to string together a ton of great tools to make creating a WordPress theme a little more 2013 and a little less 2004, without any fancy plugins. Just a simple, compiled WordPress theme from HAML, PHP, SASS, and JavaScript.

Views like index.php, single.php, header.php, footer.php, etc are all created using the HAML files located in the app/views directory.

Styles are compiled from SASS files found in the app/assets/stylesheets directory.

JavaScript and CoffeeScript files inside of the app/assets/scripts_to_compile directory will be compiled into one manifest file, with jQuery placed before anything else. Scripts inside of app/assets/scripts_uncompiled will just be copied to the /scripts folder in the theme.

All other assets are copied from their respective assets folder to the appropriate theme directory.

After compilation, the theme is stored in the /theme directory. You can change this directory by editing the make file. See the "Usage" section for a better way - symbolic linking the /theme directory to your local server wp-content/themes folder.

Dependencies, Installation, Usage


We are using the amazing Multi-Target HAML compiler to render PHP along with some custom regexes to strip out anything that would normally be compiled at runtime.

You'll also need SASS installed. Bourbon is included by default as well.

PHP and Java are also required to render your PHP and JavaScript with Closure Compiler.


Run ./install to install fswatcher, which the package uses to watch the /app directory for changes and recompile the theme. You may need to run chmod +x install to give it the correct permissions before you run it.


Start the watcher by typing ./watch. You may need to run chmod +x watch to give it the correct permissions before you run it. Edit HAML, SASS, and PHP files and save them to recompile the theme.

You may want to symbolic link the /theme directory to wherever your serving your blog from locally. For instance, if you're using MAMP:

sudo ln -s ~/dev/wordpress-haml-sass/theme/ /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-content/themes/theme

Contributions, Authors, Contributors, Props


Are happily accepted if they're in the general spirit of the project. Just send a pull request. Also file an issue if you notice any weirdness!


Zach Feldman @zachfeldman


Ian Jennings (Watcher Implementation) @sw1tch

Joc O'Connor (CoffeeScript Implementation) @jococo


Props to @contently for letting me build awesome stuff like this while developing the digital version of our print magazine, The Content Strategist! alpha


Easy WordPress theme development in HAML, PHP, & SASS with closure compiled JavaScript



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