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<div id="about" class="selectable">
<p>This is a hack for the most excellent Grooveshark service.</p>
- <p>Even thought Grooveshark is totally awesome, its built in flash!</p>
+ <p>Even though Grooveshark is totally awesome, it's built in flash! (ie, not conducive to the mobile experience)</p>
<p>Zach Hale and Mel Gray built this mobile frontend for the Grooveshark service so they could listen to music from their iPhones. If you have an iPhone thats probably why you are here. ENJOY!</p>
+ <p>Follow us on twitter and go buy a Grooveshark VIP membership!</p>
+ <p>@zachhale & @melgray</p>
<p><br /><br /><a href="#" class="grayButton goback">Close</a></p>
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<a href="#" class="submit grayButton" style="margin: 10px">Search</a>

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