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-[melito]( is responsible for the hard parts
-Status: Totally borked, don't use just yet. Have basic jqTouch integration in place.
- Gonna start wiring up forms and the such right quick.
- I like HAML, but it'll just get in the way right now.
- Once this has better form I'll go back and clean everything up.
+Little project built on jqTouch and Sinatra.
+Only thing realy special about it, is not being built in flash :)
@@ -1,6 +1,3 @@
-# FIXME: This needs an overhaul.
-# We shouldn't depend on ruby to do the chunking, proxing, and handling seeks.
-# Just grab a stream and forward on to the client. Digging into HAproxy guts :-\
class Stream
attr_reader :song_id, :server, :key

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