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Adds an integration to the Missive mail app that parses emails for dates and displays them to be exported to Google Calendar if desired.
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Missive GCal Export Integration

Adds an integration to the Missive mail app that parses emails for dates/times and displays them for exporting to Google Calendar if desired. Clicking the export button will automatically open the "New Event" page and allow the user to customize any fields' content. Three files (index.html, main.js, theme.css) need to be deployed to a server that the Missive app can reach. A sample is deployed on my website or you can deploy the app from source on a local server by executing yarn dev after probably needing to change the yarn deploy command from where it says --subdomain missive-gcal to --subdomain [YOUR TEXT].

Activating the Integration

  • open the Missive desktop app
  • click on your profile at the bottom left
  • click Integrations in the flyover menu
  • click Add integration at the bottom of the modal
  • select the Custom option with a gear at the bottom of the list
  • Enter Name & iFrame URL
    • Name: GCal Export
    • iFrame URL: https://[YOUR TEXT] or or url of your server that's hosting the previously mentioned 3 files
  • Close modal







chrono - natural language processing with a focus on dates and times

ESLint - enforce my favorite styles

ftp-deploy - helpful for deploying integration to your server and simpler than other tools

live-server - ultra simple quick local server with hot-reloading for testing

localtunnel - allow Missive to access your local server

npm-run-all - run the server and the tunnel in parallel in 1 terminal

Copyright (c) 2019 || Zach Hardesty ||

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