Tasty breadcrumbs! Crummy is a simple and tasty way to add breadcrumbs to your Rails applications.
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Crummy is a simple and tasty way to add breadcrumbs to your Rails applications.


Simply add the dependency to your Gemfile:

gem "crummy", "~> 1.8.0"


In your controllers you may add_crumb either like a before_filter or within a method (It is also available to views).

class ApplicationController
  add_crumb "Home", '/'

class BusinessController < ApplicationController
  add_crumb("Businesses") { |instance| instance.send :businesses_path }
  add_crumb("Comments", only: "comments") { |instance| instance.send :businesses_comments_path }
  before_filter :load_comment, only: "show"
  add_crumb :comment, only: "show"

  # Example for nested routes:
  add_crumb(:document) { [:account, :document] }

  def show
    add_crumb @business.display_name, @business

  def load_comment
    @comment = Comment.find(params[:id])

Then in your view:

<%= render_crumbs %>

Html options for breadcrumb link

You can set the html options with link_html_options. These are added to the a tag.

add_crumb "Home", '/', link_html_options: {title: "my link title"}

##You can set html instead text in first parameter. If tag a present in this html, tag a not be a wrapper.

add_crumb "<a class='glyphicons shield' href='/support'><i></i>Support</a>".html_safe, "", {}

Options for render_crumbs

render_crumbs renders the list of crumbs as either html or xml

The output format. Can either be :xml or :html or :html_list. Defaults to :html

format: (:html|:html_list|:xml)

The separator text. It does not assume you want spaces on either side so you must specify. Defaults to &raquo; for :html and <crumb> for :xml

separator: string

Render links in the output. Defaults to true

links: false

Render Richsnipet Default to false

microdata: true

Optionally disable linking of the last crumb, Defaults to true

last_crumb_linked: false

With this option, output will be blank if there are no breadcrumbs.

skip_if_blank: true


render_crumbs                     #=> <a href="/">Home</a> &raquo; <a href="/businesses">Businesses</a>
render_crumbs separator: ' | '    #=> <a href="/">Home</a> | <a href="/businesses">Businesses</a>
render_crumbs format: :xml        #=> <crumb href="/">Home</crumb><crumb href="/businesses">Businesses</crumb>
render_crumbs format: :html_list  #=> <ol class="" id=""><li class=""><a href="/">Home</a></li><li class=""><a href="/">Businesses</a></li></ol>
render_crumbs format: :html_list, :microdata => true
                                  #=> <ol class="" id=""><li class="" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="http://data-vocabulary.org/Breadcrumb">
                                  #     <a href="/" itemprop="url"><span itemprop="title">Home</span></a></li></ol>
add_crumb support_link, {:right_side => true, :links => "/support", :li_right_class => "pull-right hidden-phone"}
                                  #=> <li class="pull-right hidden-phone">
                                  #=>  <span><a class="glyphicons shield" href="/support">
                                  #=>   <i></i>Support</a>
                                  #=>  </span>
                                  #=> </li>
                                  #=> <li class="divider pull-right hidden-phone"></li>

A crumb with a nil argument for the link will output an unlinked crumb.

With format: :html_list you can specify additional params: :li_class, :ol_class, :ol_id

App-wide configuration

You have the option to pre-configure any of the Crummy options in an application-wide configuration. The options above are available to configure, with the exception of :separator, as well as many others.

The biggest difference is that :separator is not an option. Instead, you have format-specific configuration options: :html_separator, :xml_separator, and :html_list_separator. :separator can still be overridden in the view.

Insert the following in a file named config/initializers/crummy.rb:

Crummy.configure do |config|
  config.format = :xml

Possible parameters for configuration are:


See lib/crummy.rb for a list of these parameters and their defaults.

###Individually for each crumb configuration:

add_crumb support_link, {:right_side => true, :links => "/support", : li_class => "my_class", :li_right_class => "pull-right hidden-phone"}

Simple add that parameter to options hash.

Live example application

An example application is available right inside this gem. That application is documented, see example/README for details about usage.


  • Accept collections of models as a single argument
  • Accept instances of models as a single argument
  • Allow for variables in names. (The workaround is to do your own before_filter for that currently)
  • Make a crumbs? type method


Copyright 2008-2013 Zach Inglis, released under the MIT license