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Dashboard Location
============================----version 1 beta
by Zach Inglis //

I was wanting to implement Basecamp-like urls to a project I was working on and found that account_location was only half of my soloution while dashboard_location was 
only 3 quarters. Attached is a project-agnostic(no setting variables, do not worry) library for Rails.
It is not the cleanest of libraries yet but I intend on improving it. It is only 1 day old so far.

  In controllers such as sessions_controller where you want people to be using the subdomain, use:
    before_filter :should_add_subdomain_for_home_if_logged_in
    before_filter :protect_controller_if_no_dashboard
  For controllers that should not be accessed through a subdomain, such as content controllers, use:
    before_filter :redirect_dashboard_calls
  That is it! Just use methods like logged_in anywhere you like and it will work as you hope.

  While I hacked the hell out of it, credits are still due.
  David Heinemeier Hansson - for account_location -
  Derek Haynes - for his modifications -
  Jon from Rails Spikes - for this post -


  Drag the dashboard_location.rb to your lib folder in your Rails directory.
  Perform: ruby ./script/generate model Home permalink:string name:string
  I use this in conjunction with Technoweenies permalink_fu to automatically generate the permalink. If you want to add the following code, else skip it:
    has_permalink :name
  Add this to your signup process. Ryan address how to do similiar things here:
Cheers, hope your coding time is easier. Any suggestions or code changes you want to suggest, please email me by going to!

Released under the MIT License as is account_dashboard