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My personal Gollum deployment
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Mullog CircleCI

Mullog is a personal wiki powered by Gollum.

Mullog takes the default Gollum server and...

  • Throws it behind Puma
  • Hooks it up with a remote git repo of your choosing
  • Puts it all behind HTTP authentication

If you're looking for a personal deployment of Gollum to manage your life, Mullog is probably what you're looking for.


  1. Pick a git repo you want to use with Gollum
  2. Create a new GitHub webhook on that repo for push events, sending a POST request to /gh_webhook with the content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Generate and write down a secure secret to verify webhook requests with. You'll need this when setting up your environment variables.

Then set the following environment variables:

  • GIT_URL - HTTP(S) URL to your chosen git repo (must be HTTP(S), SSH and others are untested and may not work)
  • GIT_USERNAME - username to authenticate to GIT_URL with
  • GIT_PASSWORD - password to authenticate to GIT_URL with (I recommend using a personal access token)
  • GIT_AUTHOR_NAME - name to add to git commits (ex. "Zach Latta")
  • GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL - email to add to git commits (ex. "")
  • HTTP_USERNAME - username to allow HTTP login with
  • HTTP_PASSWORD - password to allow HTTP login with
  • GH_WEBHOOK_SECRET - the secret you gave when setting up your GitHub webhook
  • RACK_ENV - can either be "production" or "development", your call

And deploy it the same way you deploy any other Rack app!

What the heck is a Mullog?



Mullog is made available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for full details.

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