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SSHTron is a multiplayer lightcycle game that runs through SSH. Just run the command below and you'll be playing in seconds:

$ ssh

Controls: WASD or vim keybindings to move (do not use your arrow keys). Escape or Ctrl+C to exit.


Code quality disclaimer: SSHTron was built in ~20 hours at BrickHack 2. Here be dragons.

Want to choose color yourself?

There are total 7 colors to choose from: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan and White

$ ssh

If the color you picked is already taken in all open games, you'll randomly be assigned a color.

Running Your Own Copy

Clone the project and cd into its directory. These instructions assume that you have your GOPATH setup correctly.

# Create an RSA public/private keypair in the current directory for the server
# to use. Don't give it a passphrase.
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f id_rsa

# Download dependencies and compile the project
$ go get && go build

# Run it! You can set PORT to customize the HTTP port it serves on and SSH_PORT
# to customize the SSH port it serves on.
$ ./sshtron

Running under a Docker container

Clone the project and cd into its directory.

# Build the SSHTron Docker image
$ docker build -t sshtron .

# Spin up the container with always-restart policy
$ docker run -t -d -p 2022:2022 --restart always --name sshtron sshtron

For Raspberry Pi, use the following to build the Docker image:

$ docker build -t sshtron --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=resin/raspberry-pi-golang:latest .


CVE-2016-0777 revealed two SSH client vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a malicious SSH server. While SSHTron does not exploit these vulnerabilities, you should still patch your client before you play. SSHTron is open source, but the server could always be running a modified version of SSHTron that does exploit the vulnerabilities described in CVE-2016-0777.

If you haven't yet patched your SSH client, you can follow these instructions to do so now.


SSHTron is licensed under the MIT License. See the full license text in LICENSE.

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