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A bunch of templates for different types of projects, put together in a novel way.
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🕶 𝓩-Starter 🕶

Starter templates for various types of JavaScript / TypeScript project.

How it works

Check out this repository's branches. They serve as different starter templates for different types of project.

See the network graph to understand the relationships between differrent branches. Some serve as the base for others.

The idea is that new projects can choose different branches as a starting point.


I reccomend using the corresponding z-starter-cli project to use these templates.

See the documentation there for more detail, but usage would look something like this

  1. Install the CLI: $ npm install --global z-starter-cli
  2. Init a new project: $ mkdir cat-meme-app && cd cat-meme-app && git init
  3. Run the CLI: $ z-starter-cli
  4. ...?
  5. Profit

Example template (branch) commit history: nodejs-cli-typescript

just to give a quick idea of the scope and approach of these templates

* 39f3e20 🏷️ convert to TypeScript
* a4270e9 🥩 beef up CLI
* 99f733b ➕ add figlet
* 3612b17 ➕ add inquirer
* b269ac8 ➕ add chalk
* 0db3d51 👷 add github actions workflow
* f5e138a ✅ add chai-as-promised
* af31a96 ✅ add chai assertions
* 3f7f593 ✅ add test:watch npm run-script
* 5b503c8 ✅ add mocha
* 7b00b44 💄 add 'prettier' pre-commit hook
* 4aa5fdb 💄 add 'prettier'
* 79ce3f8 👋 Hello, World!
* cd160b4 📝 add contributing guide
* 7c468ca 📝 add blank github pull-request template
* b54bb12 📝 add blank github issue template
* 0f151b5 📝 add
* 617f525 🎉 npm init
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