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@zachowj zachowj released this 12 Feb 16:24

Trigger an exposed event node from a service call

With the release of the Node-RED custom component version 0.3.0, it adds the ability to trigger an event node from a service call.

Data properties of the service call:

The only required data property for the service call that is required is an entity_id of the switch that is associated with a node in NR.

Will be the entity that triggers the node. It is optional and only required if the node entity filter is not set to exact.

It can be used when you don't want the conditionals of the node to be check and just have it pass the entity through. Defaults to false

For the trigger: state node custom output will not be evaluated.

When skip_condition is true this allows you to choose which output to send the message through. Defaults to true the top output


  • Add ability to handle nodered.trigger service call (aba9eab)
  • integration: Handle nodered:loaded event from when HA loads custom component (072cec7)