Unity3d game for HackRU using Arduino's for controllers
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Lichens/Turret Game HackRu



Unity3d game for HackRU using Arduino's for controllers Hack the controller to give your Liche a defensive advantage.

Brain Storming

Lichen the Hoard Liche Arduino Base Defendor Controller wars Elder Controller All your Liche Belong to US Ar Base Duifenso Hack your Defense Hack R base Defense unleash your liche liche unbound control your controller All your controllers belong to us RU Controlled

The mages have taken their stand in small town near a bridge. The skeletons keep on coming, and never. We've donig this so long that we now are deathly mages, with withered souls.

The better and cooler the controller, and hacks you make on the game extend our existence just a few more days, and hours against those skeletons.