Template for a simple resume or curriculum vitae (CV), in XeLaTeX.
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Template for a simple resume or curriculum vitae (CV), in XeLaTeX.


Lead author:
Zach Scrivena (zachscrivena@gmail.com)

Compiled sample document:

Sample pages (click to enlarge):




Main Features

  • Simple template that can be further customized or extended.
  • Template document contains numerous examples.
  • Direct support for TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) fonts.
  • Direct support for multilingual Unicode characters, with the appropriate fonts.
  • Hyperlinks can be included in generated PDF.


The main XeLaTeX source file is CV.tex; the compiled document is CV.pdf.

Instructions for compiling the document (TeX →(XeLaTeX)→ PDF):

  • Method 1: Use latexmk for fully automated document generation:

    • latexmk -xelatex "CV.tex" (add the -pvc switch to automatically recompile on changes)
  • Method 2: Use XeLaTeX directly:

    • xelatex "CV.tex" (run multiple times to resolve cross-references if needed)


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. For more information, please see the file LICENSE or refer to http://unlicense.org.

Recent Major Changes

  • Release v3.0
    • Provides better support for other packages (e.g., biblatex) by removing the use of the longtable package for layout.
    • Note that this release introduces breaking changes; documents created using earlier releases of this template will need some minor changes to compile successfully.