Checks for conflicting OS X accounts. (For use before installing a CreateUserPkg package)
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Checks for conflicting OS X accounts. This is intended to be run before installing a CreateUserPkg package.

Why this exists.

I wanted to create one consistent local admin account across many Macs. I created an install package using the MagerValp's great CreateUserPkg to be deployed with Munki, but ran into one problem: some of the Macs already had a local admin account that was created manually at some point. This account would have the proper name, but a different UUID or UID, so installing the package would cause problems.

What this does.

It first checks to see if an account with the given shortname exists. If it doesn't, then it exits with code 0. If it does, it compares a given UID and UUID to those of the local account on that Mac. It either reports back a conflict and exits with code 1, or it gives you the go-ahead to install the package and exits with code 0.

How this works.

  • Edit the variables at the top of the script to fit your needs.
  • Either run the script locally, via ARD, or use it as a Preinstall Script in Munki.


Use this at your own risk. I have no idea what I'm doing.