An open-source endeavor to rewrite the first generation of Pokemon games in Java
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Thanks for looking at JPokemon!

EDIT: This project has moved!

What the nuts is this?

I started rewriting Pokemon in Java as a programming exercise. Early attempts were command line based, with little in common with the actual game. As I reworked and reworked the code, the scope grew. This repository is a fully-fledged attempt at the game, with some of my own changes.

I can already use a GameBoy Emulator

That's right, you can. But then, you would be missing out on some awesome features...

  • Stat Point system
    Training a Pokemon up from a low level pays off!
  • Multiplayer
    Oh, did I forget to say that?
  • PvP... vPvPvP...
    Multiplayer battles of any size.

Overarching goals

Here are some goals I have for the project.

  • Private Server play
    LAN gaming night with Pokemon - or localhost your own private world. Private servers should be easy to set up, and allow for configuration. Pokemon can learn 10 moves at a time? You got it. Only hold 3 Pokemon in your party? No problem.
  • Organic and Accessible code base
    As much as possible will be written by my friends and I. No boilerplate frameworks, where it can be helped.
    I started this project as a learning experience. As such, it should continue to be one. Code should be easy to understand, and pick up.

This Project Has Moved

I haven't committed anything in about 6 months, because I have moved my attention to the JPokemon github group. There are several reasons I made this decision, which I will outline below. Long story short, you should check out my current code base!

  1. This code is sloppy
  2. These classes are missing fields
  3. This code is not extensible by other people who only want part of it
  4. I enjoy writing things the right way

This project won't compile and I have no intention of making it do so.

Please go see my current code.