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simple Vue app using a Firebase backend
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This simple Vue app persists to Firebase db.


just clone repo to local and open via file protocol


why Vue?

  • relearning AngularJS neither fun nor valuable, Angular5 seemed like overkill, React learning curve too steep for a week (or at least a week of nights)
  • Vue seemed friendly, hews to web standards, in the spirit of jQuery
  • didn't want to bikeshed on issue with my local NPM install

why Firebase?

  • seemed cool!


None. Why?

  • can set up Vue using vue-cli and webpack, but CDN works for simple apps; sticking with low-config here
  • Firebase connection (no auth) and security (write away, world!) are as stripped down as possible


  • Vue: learn new framework from scratch :)
  • Firebase
    • versions: piece together docs between versions 1, 2, 3; lot of examples use v1 and v2, so had to sift through some misinformation
    • management console when using CDN: fair amount of magic button pushing (example: CDN config starter doesn't indicate how to dervive variables for config; 30 mins of Youtube until the "aha! click this button and then that button and this other button, in that order, to get your config")


  • Vue
    • ditch CDN: fix local NPM install, start using vue-cli
    • tooling: add vuex and vue-router
  • Firebase
    • security: finish PluralSight course to see how auth and security worked for v2, then move to v3
    • tooling: start using firebase-tools CLI
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