Project for Fall 2013 Software Design - Concurrency, AI, and Spongebob abound!
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###Importing to Eclipse

  • Simply run Eclipse by clicking on its icon. If it is the first time running Eclipse, you will be prompted for the location of your workspace. Think of the Eclipse Workspace as your "My Documents"/"Documents" directory, but for Eclipse projects. You may use the default location if you wish or make-up your own.
  • Next you import the restaurant application:
    • Using the SSH from the main code repo, clone the repository into your directory of choice.
    • File -> New -> Java Project
    • Name the project team23_test
    • Make sure the execution environment JRE is set to JavaSE-1.7
    • Uncheck the "use default location" box to enable the browse button.
    • Click on the Browse button
    • Navigate to the team23 git repository you cloned
    • Press next
    • Click the libraries tab, click add library, select JUnit, and click next
    • Make sure JUnit 4 is selected.
    • Press Finish

###Running the Project and Tests

  • Navigate to the "Gui" package and find the "" file
  • Right-click on the file and mouse over "run as" then click "java application"
  • The test takes a while to start, but it is normal
  • To run the tests, navigate to [package].test and run the tests for each package


Welcome to Bikini Bottom! Our SimCity models Bikini Bottom from the show Spongebob Squarepants. All images are taken from the show and are not intended to be original art.

##Our Buildings Picture | Building | Developer | --- | --- | --- Restaurant | Restaurant | Erik Bank | Bank | Jack Market | Market | Anthony House | Apartment | Zach Hospital | Hospital | Victoria Busstop | Busstop | Diego

##Our GUI Bikini Bottom comes with an integrated person creation panel. Click in a hospital to pull it up. Here the user may spawn people with certain names and select roles and residences. Hours are displayed in the info panel after clicking on the building. Special event such as opening, closing, charging residents, and housing degredation occurs at certain times (specified in building info panels).

GUI Fields

Our creation panel has two buttons. The "Create" button creates one person with the selected attributes. The "Populate selected workplace" button creates enough people to fill all jobs in the selected workplace, giving them the default attributes and a residence. You may also mix and match combo boxes to create the proper scenario.


  • Select the building you would like to observe in the combo box
  • Click "populate building" to create people to fill the building's roles
  • Click on the proper building to see what happens within
  • Lower building numbers correspond to buildings to the top and left

###Gui Details

  • The small green squares are citizens of Bikini Bottom walking through the streets
  • The small triangles at the corners of buildings are bus stops, while the larger yellow squares are the buses themselves. Citizens take a bus if they're not assigned a car or are going very far away.
  • The red large squares are cars. Citizens drive cars if they are assigned cars in the creation panel.

##Breakdown of contributions per person ###Diego von Beck

  • Person creation panel (with Victoria)
    • Classifieds class that keeps track of all WorkRoles by building and availability, and all residential rooms by availability.
    • Workplace, job, residence, status, hunger level, willingness to go to restaurant, food at home, and car checking and setting.
  • Transportation (Buses, cars, traffic lights and walking people) design, implementation and GUI.
    • Map builder class that creates and links the corners, bus stops, and creates the bus routes.
  • Parsers for configuration files.
  • "Kelp" system for finding routes from one location to another, and finding nearest buildings of a certain type.
  • Scenario panel backend.
  • Transportation non-norms
  • Added restaurant

###Erik Strottmann

  • Team leader
  • PersonAgent and role system design and implementation
  • Time management and scheduling
  • Designed a role factory
  • Initial restaurant integration (with Victoria)
  • Mentored teammates in Person/Role interactions, as well as restaurant integration
  • Designed interactions between restaurants and the new markets
  • Modified configuration parser to include all six restaurants in the city

###Anthony Cheung

  • Market design, implementation and GUI.
  • Market - Restaurant interaction.
  • DeliveryReceiver Interface and PhonePayer Interface (Both Interfaces)
  • Firing/Hiring/Switching Role.
  • Soudn Implementations. (Clicking, OpeningSound, Testing, Robbery)

###Victoria Dea

  • GUI Main Frame
    • Building placement and linking
    • AnimationPanel stacking and display
    • Person creation panel (with Diego)
      • Overall GUI structure and placement
      • Name field checking and assigning.
  • Restaurant integration (with Erik)
  • Image editing and collection for MainFrame and Building role GUIs.
  • Mentored other group members with their AnimationPanel and other GUI elements
  • Created log display
  • Created scenarios panel
  • Created base Restaurant information panel for all restaurants

###Zach Vega-Perkins

  • Housing design, implementation and GUI.
    • After clicking on a Pineapple, a view opens up displaying all of the apartments inside a complex. Apartments house all the residents of SimCity including the Landlords and MaintenanceWorkers. Additionally, an info panel pops up with the name of the house.
    • After clicking on a house go to the info panel to charge residents in specific units
      • After clicking on a house go to the info panel to break specific units and cause the maintenance role scenario
    • Residents eat when they have not been to a residence in a while. Residents make a Krabby Patty when they are hungry.
    • Residents are represented by Spongebob, who has the pet snail Gary.
  • Abstract GUI classes for animation.
    • Modified Restaurant Gui managers for SimCity.
  • Rent scenarios force trips to bank since the residents rarely have enough money to pay.
  • Abstract sound class creation
  • Updated abstract Do methods to incorporate graphical log
  • Producer-consumer design for restaurant

###Jack Lucas

  • Bank design, implementation and GUI. +Banks have limited amount of money they start with
    • Bank InfoPanel is constantly updated with current available money
  • Work shift scheduling.
  • Periodic hunger incrementation.
  • Robber Non-normative scenario and GUI initialization
  • Designing initial Producer-Consumer Interaction for new Waiter
  • added own restaurant and extensively tested it within city
  • Bank and Lucas restaurant InfoPanels
  • Created name list for people to be created

##How to run our system You will create enough people to cover every employment spot in the city. This is easily done by selecting "All" in the workplace field and pressing the "Populate selected workplace" button. People will the go around living their lives, making decisions based on the time and their attributes.

##Miscellaneous Information

  • Poor people always eat at home.
  • If they are not poor they can go to the closest restaurant.
  • People might own a place but live in another.
  • Markets run out of products and can be restocked through GUI.
  • Rents are paid daily

##Unfulfilled requirements

  • (Done) We only have apartments, not houses, because we need enough housing to accommodate a large number of people.
  • (Done) We only have one type of restaurant in our town.
  • Restaurant excess money is not being deposited in a Bank.
  • (Done) We are not incorporating Shared Data between Cook and Waiter.
  • (Done) Bank Accounts can be negative.
  • (Done) Restaurants do not order to markets remotely, instead, they use a v2.2 type of market.
  • (Done) There should be different behavior on weekends.
  • (Done) Buses sometimes get stuck at intersections