Novel generation with Tracery
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Generating Novels with Tracery

This is a simple arrangement of Tracery and HTML intended to make it easy to generate a book-like output from a Tracery grammar. I made this to help my students who are working on NaNoGenMo this year, but of course anyone may find it useful.

Unlike other Tracery templates, this one generates one result at a time and employs some typography that makes it look basically book-like.

To use:

  • clone or download the repository
  • edit the story.json file
  • view hydra.html in a web browser to see if it worked

Errors will appear in your browser's console.

In its current version, the template pulls code from CDNs, including Tracery itself, so you'll need to be connected to the Internet for this to work. I may change this later.

This is forked from a similar light weight template by @oncomouse.