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One Oh One

I first made this in Spring 2014 as a response to an assignemnt in one of my classes. We were reading Fahrenheit 451 and A Canticle for Leibowitz, and the assignment -- "Page to Page" -- simply asked to take a page from each book and then mash them together in some interesting way.

For mine, I chose page 101 from each book, and loaded the text for each into JavaScript variables. Then, I pass those lists into one of several different ways of mixing up that text into two new pages (9 originally, 12 now).

This year, I simply advanced that project along by adding three new remix methods, improving the presentation a bit, and sharing it here in GitHub.

There's not much to this remix, but I had fun making it. Feel free to remix, borrow, or steal as you see fit.

See it online at my website.