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A perl-based Twitterbot powered by Markov-chain text-generation. View, use, fork or whatever to your heart's content.

I offer no guarantees that this works well or is written well, but it was an interesting project.

It's originally designed for @pelafina_lievre, where the source text is just the letters in Appendix IIE of House of Leaves. It should work for anything else, though.

To use this, you'd need

  1. A source text
  2. A Twitter app (with all the keys that come with that)
  3. Perl 5 with the Net::Twitter package installed

Once properly set up (that is, Twitter keys all in place and source text correctly accessible), this script can easily run on a cron job. In my case, I had to call my local user version of perl5 to make sure I got the correct Twitter package, and I want it to run every hour at :45 after, so mine looks something like this:

45  *	*	*	*	perl -I /home/....../perl5/lib/perl5/ /home/....../pelafina/

I wrote a blog entry about this project.