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External command for Homebrew for fetching and displaying licensing information of formulae
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External command for showing the license(s) the given formulae are available under.


brew tap zachwick/license


The most useful way to use the command is by invoking

$ brew license formula1

which will print out any known licensing info for that formula.

brew license formula1
brew license formula1 formula2 ...
brew license [-r|--recurse] formula1
brew license [-f|--fetch] formula1
brew license [-h|--help]

Fetch and print the license(s) that the given formula is licensed under. Using `-r` will recurse through the dependency tree printing out `formulaX: License1` pairs.

-r, --recurse     recurse through the dependency tree and invoke `brew license <formula>` for each dependency
-f, --fetch       Attempt to fetch license information for the given formula via the Github License API
-h, --help        show this help message and exit


Contributors to this project must read and abide by the Homebrew Code of Conduct.

If you like this project and you find it useful, help us by adding more licensing information or by improving the code (or the non-existing wiki, the readme, etc.).

We're especially open to contributions from people who are beginners to free and open-source software, and will gladly help you get your contributions merged.

Contributing Licensing Information

When adding licensing information for a formula, please make a single PR for adding just that formula's licensing information. There should be a 1:1 mapping of PRs to licensing data changes. This does add some manual toil creating a PR for a small change, but it allows the project to have an easy way to track each formula's licensing information.


See the git log.

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