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#!/usr/bin/env python
Find profiles for Amazon reviewers based on their review ratings for a
Originally, I was interested in finding out who had given the movie Inception a
one-star review.
import re
from urllib2 import (Request, urlopen)
from urlparse import (urlsplit, urlunsplit)
from urllib import urlencode
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs
class Product(object):
Find information about a product from it's Amazon link.
>>> amazon_url = 'http://link-to-inception'
>>> inception = Product(amazon_url)
>>> all_reviewers = inception.reviewers()
>>> one_star_reviewers = inception.reviewers(1)
def __init__(self, url):
self.firefox = {
'User-agent': ('Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS 10.5;'
' en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2009122115 Firefox/3.0')
self.split_url = urlsplit(url)
self.reviews_url = urlsplit(self._product_reviews_url(url))
def _product_reviews_url(self, url):
Internal method to find the product reviews URL for an Amazon
temp_url = re.sub('/dp/', '/product-reviews/', url)
return re.sub('ref=(.+)\?', 'cm_cr_pr_top_link_1', temp_url)
def _star_reviews_url(self, star_num=None, page_num=1):
"""Internal method to return the star review URLs for a product."""
star_params = {
1: 'addOneStar',
2: 'addTwoStar',
3: 'addThreeStar',
4: 'addFourStar',
5: 'addFiveStar',
params = {
'ie': 'UTF-8',
'showViewPoints': 0,
'pageNumber': page_num,
if star_num:
params.update({'filterBy': star_params[star_num]})
old_url = self.reviews_url
star_reviews_url = (old_url.scheme, old_url.netloc, old_url.path,
urlencode(params), None)
return urlunsplit(star_reviews_url)
def _number_of_review_pages(self, star_num):
"""Find the number of review pages for a product."""
url = self._star_reviews_url(star_num)
content = urlopen(url).read()
soup = bs(content, ['fast', 'lxml'])
span = soup.find('span', 'paging')
number_of_pages = span.findChildren('a')[1].contents[0]
return int(number_of_pages)
def _parse_reviewers(self, content):
Internal method to parse a review page with BeautifulSoup and return
the links to profiles for Amazon reviewers.
soup = bs(content, ['fast', 'lxml'])
table = soup.find('table', {'id': 'productReviews'})
reviewers = [link['href'] for link in table.findAll('a')\
if link.contents == ['See all my reviews']]
return reviewers
def _star_reviewers(self, star_num, page_num):
"""Find reviewers based on number of stars given in review."""
one_star_url = self._star_reviews_url(star_num, page_num)
req = Request(one_star_url, headers=self.firefox)
content = urlopen(req).read()
return self._parse_reviewers(content)
def reviewers(self, stars=None):
Find the profiles for reviewers -- based on the star rating they
gave a specific product.
>>> amazon_url = 'http://link-to-book'
>>> book = Product(amazon_url)
>>> one_star_reviews = book.reviewers(1)
>>> five_star_reviews = book.reviewers(5)
It's also possible to find the profiles of all reviewers for a product.
>>> all_reviews = book.reviewers()
all_reviewers = []
number_of_pages = self._number_of_review_pages(stars) + 1
for page_num in xrange(1, number_of_pages):
all_reviewers.extend(self._star_reviewers(stars, page_num))
return all_reviewers