Find profiles of reviewers who gave the same rating for a product.
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Amazon Reviewers

Simple scraper to get the profiles of Amazon reviewers for a certain product.

Useful for finding those who may have given a good product a bad rating.

NOTE: Requires bs4 and lmxl to work properly. Tests require the mock module.


>>> inception_url = 'http://link-to-inception'
>>> from amazon import Product
>>> # Find people who gave Inception a 1-star review.
... Product(inception_url).reviewers(1)
['http://one-dumb-reviewer', 'http://second-dumb-reviewer', ...]

Amazon Terms of Service

This module is purely for educational purposes only.

If you plan on using it, be sure to thoroughly read Amazon's Conditions of Use.


Author: Zach Williams

All of my code is released under the Unlicense (a.k.a. Public Domain).