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A Makefile for working with Bootstrap.


From the command line, run the following:

curl -L > Makefile

In order to take advantage of the Makefile, you will need to install recess with npm. Also, in order to automatically compile your files, install watchr:

npm install -g recess
sudo gem install watchr

Then, create the necessary files with the following command:



To concatenate the CSS files when going into production, simple run:

make css

And edit the index.html file to point to css/production.css rather than the separate Bootstrap files and your dev.less stylesheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/production.css">


If you've installed watchr, the CSS files can automatically be compiled for you by running:

make watch

Now, everytime you save the dev.less file, the production.css file will be updated. Pretty nifty, huh?

Make sure you also make the necessary changes to index.html to point to the production.css file.


Since it's best to use a simple HTTP server when creating your site, a serve command has been added to the Makefile:

make serve

You can also specify what port you'd prefer to use:

make serve port=5555