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A simple Python wrapper for the Dribbble API
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A simple Python wrapper for the Dribbble API.


The easiest way to get the API is by using pip:

pip install dribbble


The dribbble wrapper intends to make the API as easy to use as possible.

>>> import dribbble as d

# Get info on a player

# Alternative, cooler name for getting info
>>> d.scout('simplebits')

# See the current community shots
>>> d.shots('popular')
>>> d.shots('everyone')
>>> d.shots('debut')

# Pagination and up to 30 shots at a time.
>>> d.shots('popular', count=30, page=2)

# Get shots for a player
>>> d.shots('simplebits')
>>> d.player('simplebits')

# Get information on a particular shot
>>> d.shot(1234)

# See a particular shot's rebounds
>>> d.rebounds(591065)

# Get comments on a shot
>>> d.comments(607332)

# See the likes for a player
>>> d.likes('simplebits')

# Get the followers of a player
>>> d.followers('lobanovskiy')

# See who a player is following
>>> d.following('simplebits')
>>> d.teammates('vi')

# Get recent shots from the players a player is following
>>> d.scoreboard('simplebits')

# See who a given player has drafted
>>> d.draftees('CreatureBox')

# Get the Twitter username of a player
>>> d.twitter('vi')

If you have lxml installed, there are two additional functions, as well.

# Check to see if a shot has attachments
>>> d.attachments(535565)

# See if a shot has PSD attachments
>>> d.psd(607070)
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