Python wrapper for the St. Louis Fed's FRED API.
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Python wrapper of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank's FRED API web service for retrieving economic data.

FRED API Documentation:

Sign up for a FRED API key:


You can save your API key, and have it automatically accessible, on the command line:

$ export FRED_API_KEY=my_api_key


This wrapper hopes to make working with the Fred API as easy as possible.

>>> import fred

# Save your FRED API key.
>>> fred.key('my_fred_api_key')

# Interact with economic data categories.
>>> fred.category()

>>> fred.categories(24)

>>> fred.children(24)

>>> fred.related(32073)

>>> fred.category(series=True)

>>> fred.category_series(123)

# Interact with economic data releases.
>>> fred.releases()

>>> fred.release(250)

>>> fred.dates()

# Interact with economic data series.
>>> fred.series('GNPCA')

>>> fred.series('GNPCA', release=True)

>>> fred.observations('AAA')

>>>'search term')

>>> fred.updates()

>>> fred.vintage('AAA')

# Query economic data sources.
>>> fred.sources()

>>> fred.source(23)

NOTE: Normally, data is returned in dictionary format instead of XML. If you're looking for XML output, however, just pass in the xml=True keyword argument.

>>> import fred

>>> fred.releases(xml=True)