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A simple Sinatra template
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Sinatra Template

A simple Sinatra template modeled after Flask Heroku.


Once you've cloned the repo, simply run:

bundle install

Development Server

To start up the development server, run the following:

bundle exec thin start

If, however, you would prefer to create a screen process to run the development server, then you could use the following commands:

screen -S server
cd path/to/sinatra/template
bundle exec thin start

You can then detach the screen process with CTRL-A-D. To reattach the process, simply run:

screen -R server


To upload your application to Heroku, make sure you first have the Heroku gem installed. Then run the following command (with the name of your application substituted for app_name):

heroku create app_name --stack cedar
git push heroku master

Custom Domains

Attaching your own custom domain to your Heroku instance is pretty easy.

heroku addons:add custom_domains
heroku domains:add
heroku domains:add

Make sure to attach the following A records using your DNS management tool:

For more information, make sure to read this Heroku devcenter article.

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