Sending SMS messages should be dead simple.
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An easy-to-use Python wrapper for SMSified.


pip install smsified


Make sure to set the following environment variables to reduce the preliminary, boilerplate setup.

export SMS_USER=smsified_username
export SMS_PASS=smsified_password

You can then import the smsified Python library.

>>> import smsified as s

# Oops, we forgot to set our username and password. No worries.
>>> s.auth('smsified_username', 'smsified_password')

# Now, set your current SMSified number.
>>> s.number('415-123-4567')

# Send a message.
>>> s.send('415-456-7890', 'Hey, you!')

# And, we can switch it up at any time.
>>> s.number('415-456-7890')
>>> s.send('415-123-4567', 'ohai')