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An easy-to-use template for Zappa and CoffeeScript on Heroku
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Zappa Template

An easy-to-use template for working with Zappa and CoffeeScript on Heroku.


First, make sure you have npm installed.

Now, since all the dependencies are listed in the package.json file, simply run the following:

npm install

You should then be able to run the script.


You can also pass it an optional port parameter.

coffee 5555


Since the Procfile is already included, you first need to make sure you have the Heroku CLI installed.

Then run the following command -- with the name of your application substituted for app_name.

heroku create app_name --stack cedar
git push heroku master

You should then be able to see the live application.

heroku open

To see this template in action, visit:

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