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Simple Discord bot to setup and moderate Discord servers
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Warnable is a bot to be easy for any Discord server admin to be able to setup and use on their own system.


  • Warn System
  • Simple warning commands
  • Easy to edit


The commands are pretty simple. Any new warnings will be saved under a 'warning ID'. Warning ID's can be used to remove warnings from users and probbaly more stuff as I keep updating this. Commands can only be accessed if the user ID is added or a guild role is added in the 'config.json'. Note: All commands must start with the prefix that is set in 'config.json'.

warn {user} {reason}

The warn command will add a warning to the user along with the reason. The {user} can either be a mentioned user OR the username and discriminator surrounded by double quotes (e.g: "Zachary#0001")

remove {warning ID}

The remove command will delete the warning from the user and in the database. Warning ID's can be found after warning a user or listing warnings for a user with the 'list' command

list {user}

The list command will list all warnings that a user has recieved. (As a heads up, I plan on introducing pages for the lists in the future, so it won't encounter any character limits for lots of warnings) The {user} can either be a mentioned user OR the username and discriminator surrounded by double quotes (e.g: "Zachary#0001")


Note: You can find most ID's by making sure you have developer mode enabled in your Discord settings and then doing this

  1. Rename "config.template.json" to "config.json"
  2. Enter in your bot token provided from the Dicord Developer Portal into the token field.
  3. Add the bot to your server by following this link, making sure you replace the "{BOTS-CLIENT-ID-HERE}" with the Client ID provided in the Developer Portal. (NOTE!!! 2FA Must be enabled on the bot owners account for permissions to work) Link:{BOTS-CLIENT-ID-HERE}&scope=bot&permissions=268443654
  4. Add user ID's or role ID's into the admin arrays.
  5. Add the guild ID's and channel ID's.
  6. Run npm install in ternimal
  7. Start by running npm start or node index.js
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