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Amoveo is a blockchain meant for enforcement of investment and insurance contracts.

Amoveo contracts are enforced using state-channels. This means fees are low, contracts are nearly instant and can support a global audience.

Amoveo has futarchy-based oracle technology. Amoveo can learn facts about our world and enforce the outcome of contracts that are governed by these facts. This, for example, enables you to bet on the price of Amazon shares.

The variables that define how to participate in Amoveo can be modified by the Amoveo community using futarchy, a betting-type governance mechanism. This way Amoveo will always stay optimally tuned to produce the best results.

Amoveo whitepaper.

Amoveo main net was launched at 11:00 AM GMT on March 2, 2018.

The current market cap in VEO


Amoveo forum on reddit

Amoveo announcements on twitter

Amoveo on Telegram

Amoveo on Discord. Русский чат. 中文聊天.

Historic difficulty in depth.

Amoveo website from the Exantech, the same people who wrote an iphone and android app

Website for exploring oracles and governance variables

Light node

The most secure way to use the light node is to download it from github. This is a cryptoeconomically secure way to use Amoveo.

you can use the light node less securely by clicking this link. This is the easiest way to get started. Using this light node is the same as trusting this server with your money.

An alternative made a light node with a different user interface that they host here: Using this light node is the same as trusting them with your money.

This light node downloads headers and verifies the proof of work. It verifies the merkle proofs for all blockchain state you download to ensure security equivalent to a full node, provided you wait for enough confirmations.

Block Explorer

Veopool explorer

The block explorer for the network is here. This explorer can host markets.

Full node

Launch an erlang full node and connect to the network

Issue commands to your full node Commands such as:

  • turning the node off without corrupting the database.
  • looking up information from the blockchain or it's history.
  • making a server that collects fees by routing payments or making markets
  • participating in the oracle mechanism or governance mechanism.


here is miners for 5 different kinds of fpga

Comino appears to be selling some fpga software to mine veo

Amoveo's mining algorithm uses SHA256 like bitcoin. But it is a little different, so bitcoin ASICs cannot be used to mine Amoveo.

Full node keys are stored in _build/prod/rel/amoveo_core/keys/keys.db

Mining Pools


Be very careful using exchanges. They are centralized, the operator can take all the veo if they wanted.

There are people trading now on discord

Qtrade exchange for BTC-VEO trading:

Software to launch a new mining pool an open source mining pool. WARNING!!! this pool has known security vulnerabilities that have not been patched.

Another open source mining pool


If you want to build on top of Amoveo read the developer's guide

If you want to get paid to build on Amoveo


A blockchain for trust-free markets in financial derivatives






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