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this is an old expired version of the documentation.

Please use the new documentation instead.

Here is the main page for the new documentation:

And here is the link for the newest version of the page you are currently looking at

Thank you for your interest. There are issues on the github that need taking care of: Erlang is a rewarding language You can help us plenty without learning Erlang, we have lots of javascript that needs to be written. If you have any questions about Amoveo or blockchain technology, feel free to make issues on the Amoveo github.

If you type up a proposal for an improvement you can make, and send the proposal to me, and we end up using your work or idea, then Amoveo might give you some tokens.

Simply installing the software and syncing up with the testnet can be a big help, if you find a bug.

For people interested in writing smart contracts:

Here is the repository that has the VM and some compilers.

Amoveo smart contracts are different. The computation is all off-chain. I think the first step would be to talk to me about what you want to make. I can quickly tell you what is possible, and give you the tools you need.

On Amoveo the smart contract itself is usually the easy part. The hard part is the handshake for updating the state of the smart contract. Sending messages back and forth, and correctly handling them. It is important that your partner is unable to trick you into updating your copy of the channel state to an invalid channel state.