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How can blockchain protect actresses from being abused by studio executives?

Example: Alice is a studio executive deciding who to hire for a film. Bob wants to act in the film. Alice tells Bob: I will only let you act if you let me abuse you. Alice explains that Charlie has already agreed to accept the abuse. Charlie isn't as good an actor as Bob, but Alice will let Charlie have the job, if Bob wont accept the abuse.

In the past Bob would have to accept this abuse, just to keep his job. Alice is a middle man between the actors who produce value, and the movie watchers, who consume the value. In the past, middle men like Alice have been able to abuse their power to hurt people.

The criminal justice system has not been effective at reducing this kind of abuse. Movie goers aren't able to avoid movies made by violent people, because they don't know which movies were made by violent people. Everyone who participates in the violence, whether as an abuser, or as a victim, or by helping cover up a crime, they all have their careers at risk. If the secret gets out, they all lose their jobs.

Blockchains allow us to decentralize the decision making process. Blockchains can protect actors from abuse. With blockchains, we don't have to expose any past abuse. So we don't have to destroy any careers in the process of protecting actors. Bob can use a little money to ask the blockchain "Will the movie make more money with me as the main actor, or the alternative, Charlie." The blockchain will eventually say something like "The movie will make about X more money with Bob as the main actor rather than Charlie". Once the blockchain says something like this, it isn't politically possible for Alice to hire anyone besides Bob. Everyone who invested in the movie will look at the blockchain, and they will fire Alice for making the wrong decision. So Alice loses her ability to abuse the actors.

You can read more about how Amoveo will flatten hierarchies here

This same type of abuse occurs in many industries besides acting. Every employee-employer relationship has a power imbalance that can incentivize this type of abuse. Especially when governments transform parts of the economy into monopolies. The only way to progress in a monopoly is to get hired by the current management.

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