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WFTDA Database Scraper

This script can be used to scrape the exposed skater database found at

It will compile a list of skaters that, at time of writing, is roughly 8000 strong. The compiled list is currently about 5MB in size. There are some things worth noting:

  • Dependencies include:
  • This script requires a username and password
  • The script has built-in request throttling to 60/min.

Each skater's entry includes:

  • Skater [Derby] Name
  • Skater Supplementary Name Information (Optional, usually explains a pun)
  • Skater Position (e.g. Captain; Optional)
  • Skater Number
  • League Name
  • League Region
  • League Location
    • City
    • State/Province (if applicable)
    • Country
  • League Status (Member/Apprentice)
  • Skater Teams (A skater may be on more than one team)
    • Team Name
    • Team Roster URI (the URI for them roster in the dashboard)
    • Team Type (Charter, Travel, or Home)
  • League WFTDA URI (the URI for the league in the dashboard)

Thanks for reading!

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