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Read the Word of God from your Terminal.
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bible-web - Read the Word of God from your terminal

bible-web is a set of scripts that uses your pager to output the Word of God in
the World English Bible translation.

I picked WEB as the translation because it's the only modern translation of the
Bible that is public domain. 

This project is a fork of kjv. I simply replaced kjv.tsv with web.tsv after
generating it with scripts (which will be posted after some refactoring).

I didn't follow the naming convention of naming the project/binary the same as the
translation because the word "web" is ambiguous with web browsers. I wanted to
be clear with what program you're running when you launch bible-web.

The scripts to generate web.tsv are provided, but they are not needed to use

Edit to match your local setup. bible-web is installed into /usr/local
namespace by default.

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install bible-web (if
necessary as root):
	make clean install

Running bible-web
    usage: bible-web [flags] [reference...]

      -l      list books
      -W      no line wrap
      -h      show help

      Reference types:
              Individual book
              Individual chapter of a book
              Individual verse(s) of a specific chapter of a book
              Range of chapters in a book
              Range of verses in a book chapter
              Range of chapters and verses in a book

              All verses that match a pattern
              All verses in a book that match a pattern
              All verses in a chapter of a book that match a pattern

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