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Things that I believe to be true

This is intended to be a living document, subject to change and edits at any time.

Last edited: 12/25/13


  • The best things in life almost don't happen.
  • There are no rules.
  • Life is about three things: Storytelling, Contrast, and making decisions easy for other people.
  • No one knows anything.
  • Most people express opinions as facts.
  • Go.
  • It's important to be flexible with beliefs; my beliefs and opinions may change with the facts.
  • A man should have a mystery about him, how he does all that he does.
  • Take information, synthesize it for yourself and then form your opinion.
  • I'm only racing me.
  • Only measure yourself against yourself.
  • Confidence and direct attacks in the face of fear.
  • Humor comes from our differences and timing.
  • College is about transporting information from the first day to the last. You don't have to learn anything, really, other than how to play the game.

The Universe

  • There's something magical about the ocean; it's the perfect metaphor for anything you're going through.
  • I believe in God, I'm just not sure what to do with that belief yet.
  • I really want there to be something after life.
  • Mathematically, there have to be other life forms out there.


  • Always trust your gut.
  • "What you are thinking about you are becoming." - Muhammad Ali
  • Do the next one.
  • I hope I'm always this good at falling asleep.
  • Everything is linked to exercise: eating well, sleeping, discipline.
  • Surround yourself with physical books. If you enjoyed an ebook, buy a physical copy too.


  • I work really well off of a to-do list.
  • It's important to take chances on people.
  • Mentors are important, so is disagreeing with them.
  • Make decisions and reflect on them often.


  • Fidelity is of the utmost importance.
  • We're all going through the same things. Reach out. The worst you can get is a 'no.'
  • Surprise and spotanaety are important.
  • Marriage should be extended to everyone.


  • A man should build things with his hands.
  • The details are the product.
  • Momentum is a hell of a drug.
  • Build things and tell people.
  • The more consistent you are with what you're working on, the more people notice.
  • When you put something you've created out there, all kinds of unexpected options and people come into your world.
  • It's always terrifying to push the thing out the door.
  • Teams and communities produce more than the sum of their parts.
  • Everything is built in a million little steps; do as many steps well as you can each day.
  • Work with those with the drive, and that fit culturally. Not necessarily the most qualified.